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Location OttaSel
Coordinates 61°46′20″N 9°32′12″E / 61.77222°N 9.53667°E / 61.77222; 9.53667Coordinates: 61°46′20″N 9°32′12″E / 61.77222°N 9.53667°E / 61.77222; 9.53667
Elevation 287 m (942 ft) amsl
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Dovre Line
Distance 297.24 km (184.70 mi)
Platforms 2
Opened 1896

Otta Station (Norwegian: Otta stasjon) is a railway station located in the town of Otta in Sel, Norway. The station is located on the Dovre Line and served express trains to Oslo and Trondheim. The station was opened in 1896 when the Dovre Line was extended from Tretten Station to Otta.

The restaurant was taken over by Norsk Spisevognselskap on 1 October 1924. It retained an all-year operation until 30 September 1928, when the restaurant was closed for the winter season. It opened again in May and retained the summer-only service. The operation was later privatized.[1]


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