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The Ottawa Little Theatre

The Ottawa Little Theatre, originally called the Ottawa Drama League at its inception in 1913, is the longest-running community theatre company in Canada[citation needed]. Based in the Canada's capital city, it presents nine plays per year from September through July.

The OLT's longevity is surprising, given that it receives very little government funding, and was completely destroyed by fire in 1970. Its income is derived mostly from ticket sales and donations, with supplements from renting out props, costumes, and theatre space as well as running drama workshops and training programs.

A number of Canadian actors have cut their teeth on OLT's stage, including Dan Aykroyd, Michael Burgess, Rich Little, Adam Beach, Saul Rubinek and more. Famed photographer Yousuf Karsh also has a rich history with the Ottawa Little Theatre as it was there he learned about lighting and met his first wife, Solonge. The theatre has several original photographs of Karsh on display.

The importance of Ottawa Little Theatre to the arts in Ottawa is discussed in the September 2007 issue of (Cult)ure Magazine.

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