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Ottilia Sofia Littmarck (22 June 1834 Jäder, Södermanland – 14 July 1929, Söderköping), was a Swedish actress and theatre director.

Born to steward Johan Rylander, she was active in the travelling theatres of Pierre Deland and Lindmark 1857–68 with her sister Amanda Rylander. In 1873–74, she was the director of Södra teatern in Stockholm. In 1875–79, she was active at the Swedish Theatre (Stockholm) before she established her own troupe for the first time in 1880–83. She was active at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki in Finland 1883–84 and at Swedish Theatre (Stockholm) 1885–89 before she was hired at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 1889, where she stayed until 1897. After this, she toured with her own troupe.

Littmarck was said to wish to play drama, but to be more suitable for comedy. Among her parts were Greta in "Kärlek utan strumpor" (Love without socks), Kerstin Giftekniv (Kerstin the marriage broker) in "Den förvandlade brudgummen" (The enchanted groom), Fru Pipping in "Sodom och Gomorrha" (Sodom and Gomorra), Fru Kaklund (Mrs Kaklund) in "Othellos triumf" (The triumph of Othello) and Lais in "Filosofi och kärlek" (Philosophy and Love).

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