Oum ed Diab Member

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Oum ed Diab Member
Stratigraphic range: Late Aptian-Early Albian
Unit ofAïn el Guettar Formation
UnderliesZebbag Formation
OverliesChenini Member
Coordinates32°36′N 10°06′E / 32.6°N 10.1°E / 32.6; 10.1Coordinates: 32°36′N 10°06′E / 32.6°N 10.1°E / 32.6; 10.1
Approximate paleocoordinates15°12′N 9°24′E / 15.2°N 9.4°E / 15.2; 9.4
Country Tunisia
Oum ed Diab Member is located in Tunisia
Oum ed Diab Member
Oum ed Diab Member (Tunisia)

The Oum ed Diab Member is a Late Aptian to Early Albian geologic member, part of the Aïn el Guettar Formation of Tunisia. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation.[1]

Vertebrate fauna[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

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