Our Lady of Snows, Kallikulam

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Church of Our Lady of Snow Kallikulam
8°21′09″N 7°39′48″E / 8.352401°N 7.66346°E / 8.352401; 7.66346Coordinates: 8°21′09″N 7°39′48″E / 8.352401°N 7.66346°E / 8.352401; 7.66346
Location Kallikulam, Tamil Nadu
Country India
Denomination Roman Catholic
Website http://www.panimatha.com
Dedication St. Mary
Functional status Active
Style Gothic

The Church of Our Lady of Snow is a Roman Catholic Marian church in Kallikulam, Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the Catholic pilgrimage centres in India dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Tamil 'Pani' means 'Snow' and 'Matha' means 'Mother'.[1][2][3]


People inhabited Kallikulam as early as 1700 AD. In 1770 AD, a thatched church was built in the name of Holy Mary by village people. In 1884, Kallikulam villagers and Jesuit Missionaries decided to build a new church at Kallikulam for Mother Mary. In 1886, a church was constructed in that place and consecrated to Our Lady of Snow.

Annual feast[edit]

Every year, the annual feast of Our Lady of Snow is celebrated from 27 July to 5 August.


An oral tradition in Tamil Nadu states that on 29 March 1939 around 6.30 pm, six young people claim that they saw the Mother Mary appear on a hill near to the Church.[citation needed]People from different part of India visit Apparition hill on first Saturday of every month.

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