Out of the Pit

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Out of the Pit
Kobra and the Lotus Out of the Pit.png
Studio album by Kobra and the Lotus
Released April 22, 2010 (2010-04-22)
Genre Heavy metal
Producer Kevin Shirley
Kobra and the Lotus chronology
Out of the Pit
Kobra and the Lotus

Out of the Pit is the first studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Kobra and the Lotus. Released in April 22, 2010, it was originally produced by Greg Godovitz of Goddo, the vocals, mix and final production was redone by Iron Maiden producer Kevin Shirley prior to release.


The album is a concept album that discusses working through roadblocks that life places in the paths of people, and not being impeded by them.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. It's Yours
  2. Focfom
  3. Cynical Wasteland
  4. Teaspoon of Metal
  5. Ballad of Jane Doe
  6. The Hooker
  7. Snake Pit
  8. Ride Like Sugar
  9. Ace of Spades
  10. Legend


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