Ovídio Martins

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Ovídio Martins
Born Ovídio de Sousa Martins
(1928-09-17)17 September 1928
Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Died 29 April 1999(1999-04-29) (aged 70)
Lisbon, Portugal
Occupation poet, journalist

Ovídio de Sousa Martins (September 17, 1928 in Mindelo, São Vicente – April 29, 1999 in Lisbon, Portugal) was a famous Cape Verdean poet and journalist. He attended high school in his home country, he went to pursue studies in Portugal[1] and did not achieve studies due to health reasons.[2] He was one of the founders of the Cultural Supplement Bulletin of Cape Verde in 1958.[1] He lived in exile in the Netherlands due to his pro-independence activities in his native land and produced 100 poems there.

His poem Flagelados do vento leste and Comunhão can be found on the CD Poesia de Cabo Verde e Sete Poemas de Sebastião da Gama by Afonso Dias[3]



  • Caminhada (Little Road), 1962 – Poemas
  • 100 Poemas - Gritarei, Berrarei, Matarei - Não ou para pasárgada (100 Poems), 1973 (Poems in Portuguese and in the creole of São Vicente)
  • Tchutchinha, 1962


Poems in the creole of São Vicente:

  • Liberdade, Nôs morte, Hora nô ta bá junte, Cantá nha pove, Cretcheu, Um spada na mon, Comparaçon, Consciénça, Um r’bêra pa mar, Dstine, Ma de canal, Pescador, Cantáme.

Poems in Portuguese:

  • Mindelo, Terra dos meus amores, Caboverdianamente, Minha dor, Seca, Flagelados do vento-leste,[4] Comunhão.


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