Over-Governor of Stockholm

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Corresponding to a
County of Sweden
1634–1967 Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of Stockholm

Coat of arms

Capital Stockholm
 •  1634–1644 Claes Larsson Fleming
 •  1963–1967 Allan Nordenstam
 •  Established 1634
 •  Disestablished 1967

The Over-Governor, or Överståthållaren of Stockholm was the highest official for the City between 1634 and 1967. The Office was instituted by the Instrument of Government of 1634, which divided Sweden into Counties and the Over-Governorship of Stockholm. The Stockholm County was established in 1714 but the actual City was not integrated until 1967 when the Over-Governor's Office was abolished.

The coat of arms used before 1938.

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