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Overbeck may refer to:

  • Carla Overbeck (1968–) is an American soccer player and longtime member and captain of the United States women's national soccer team.
  • Christian Adolph Overbeck (1755–1821) was a German poet, and the Burgomaster of Lübeck.
  • Franz Overbeck (1837–1905) was a German Protestant theologian, best known in regard to his friendship with Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • Henry J. Overbeck (1853-1921), American politician
  • Johann Friedrich Overbeck (1789–1869) was a German painter and member of the Nazarene movement.
  • Johannes Overbeck (1826–1895) was a German archaeologist and art historian who was born in Antwerp.
  • Julian Joseph Overbeck (1820–1905) was a former Roman Catholic priest who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and became a pioneer of Western Rite Orthodoxy.
  • Otto Overbeck (1860–1937) was an early 20th-century advocate of electrotherapy. He was the son of Julian Joseph Overbeck.
  • The Overbeck Sisters were four women potters and artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement who worked in Cambridge City, Indiana from 1911 until 1955.
  • T. Jerome Overbeck is an American author and Christian theologian who is also a prominent priest of the Society of Jesus.