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OverBlog LogoOverblog.gif
Type of site
Blog hosting
Owner Ebuzzing
Website overblog.com
Commercial Yes
Launched August , 2004
Current status Active

OverBlog is a blogging service from company Ebuzzing (from the merger of OverBlog and Ebuzzing [1]). The company was founded in 2004 by Frédéric Montagnon, Gilles Moncaubeig and Julien Romanetto [2] in Toulouse / France. Originally launched in October 2004, OverBlog reaches 62 million uniques in February 2014 according to Quantcast.[3]

OverBlog launched in the US during Blog World 2012.[4] The service is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Fimalac’s Webedia acquires Overblog from Ebuzzing & Teads early in 2014.[5]


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