Voghji (river)

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Kapan river mot.jpg
The Voghji river in Kapan
Armenia, Azerbaijan
Physical characteristics
 • locationMount Kaputjugh
 • coordinates39°09′22″N 46°01′01″E / 39.1560878°N 46.0170085°E / 39.1560878; 46.0170085
 • coordinates
39°01′53″N 46°45′23″E / 39.0314526°N 46.7562675°E / 39.0314526; 46.7562675Coordinates: 39°01′53″N 46°45′23″E / 39.0314526°N 46.7562675°E / 39.0314526; 46.7562675
Length82 km (51 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionArasKuraCaspian Sea
 • rightVachagan

The Voghji (Armenian: Ողջի, romanizedOġǰi; Azerbaijani: Oxçu) is a river on the south slopes of the Lesser Caucasus range, and is a left tributary of Araks. It flows through the territory of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In its upper reaches, it has formed a deep canyon which, near the city of Kapan, turns into a wide valley. It is fed by a range of sources.

The cities of Zangilan and Mincivan in Azerbaijan—formerly administered by the Republic of Artsakh—and Kajaran and Kapan in Armenia lie along the banks of the river.

Along the river, there are the Kapan and Voghji hydro-electric power stations.

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