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Oxford Early Christian Texts is the name of a series of books published by Oxford University Press which contain texts from early Christian writers in both their original Latin and Greek and in translation.

List of books in the series[edit]

Date of publication Title Original author Editor ISBN
15 April 1971 Contra Gentes; De Incarnatione Athanasius Robert W. Thomson ISBN 978-0-19-826801-7
19 August 1982 Oratio ad Graecos and Fragments Tatian Molly Whittaker ISBN 978-0-19-826809-3
14 April 1983 Selected Letters Cyril of Alexandria Lionel R. Wickham ISBN 978-0-19-826810-9
4 January 1996 De Doctrina Christiana St Augustine R.P.H. Green ISBN 978-0-19-826334-0
29 August 1996 Letter on the Conversion of the Jews Severus of Minorca Scott Bradbury ISBN 978-0-19-826764-5
8 March 2001 De Bono Coniugali and De Sancta Virginitate St Augustine P. G. Walsh ISBN 978-0-19-826995-3
16 January 2003 Documents from Exile Maximus the Confessor Pauline Allen
Bronwen Neil
ISBN 978-0-19-829991-2
11 May 2006 Against the Monophysites: Testimonies of the Saints and Aporiae Leontius of Jerusalem Patrick T. R. Gray ISBN 978-0-19-926644-9
10 December 2009 Complete Works Priscillian of Avila Marco Conti ISBN 978-0-19-956737-9