Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
Author M. Longmore; I. Wilkinson; E. Davidson; A. Foulkes; A. Mafi
Language English
Subject Medicine
Genre Reference
Published 2014 (ninth ed.)
Oxford University Press
Media type Online & Hardbound
ISBN 9780199609628 (ninth ed.)[1]

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a pocket textbook aimed at medical students and junior doctors, and covers all aspects of clinical medicine. It is published by Oxford University Press, and is available in print format and online.[2] The 9th edition was released in January 2014.


The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a pocket textbook written by more than 15 authors. Popularly known in the UK as the "Cheese and Onion" owing to the colour scheme of the cover. It gives advice on clinical management issues, and includes "witty, esoteric asides" linking medicine to other areas, such as classic history and popular culture. The eighth edition contained both black and white and full-colour images. A new chapter was added on 'history and examination', radiology chapters have been expanded, and key references are included in each section.[3]

Online Access[edit]

The ninth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is available online from Oxford University Press. The online edition contains the full-text, figures, and illustrations of the print version, as well as links to sources of related and further reading. All figures can be downloaded into PowerPoint.[4]

The online edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is updated when a new edition is published.[5]

Editorial Team[edit]

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is edited by:

  • Murray Longmore, General Practitioner, Sussex, UK
  • Ian Wilkinson, WE Parkes British Heart Foundation Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, Honorary Consultant Physician at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK
  • Edward Davidson, Foundation Doctor, North West Thames, London, UK, and Research Fellow NYU Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, New York, USA,
  • Alexander Foulkes, Foundation year 2 junior doctor, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK
  • Ahmad Mafi, Resident (specialist registrar) in clinical oncology and radiation therapy, Tehran, Iran

In total, there are 15 contributors to the handbook.[6]


  • Chapter 01: Thinking about medicine
  • Chapter 02: Clinical skills
  • Chapter 03: Signs and symptoms
  • Chapter 04: Cardiovascular medicine
  • Chapter 05: Chest medicine
  • Chapter 06: Endocrinology
  • Chapter 07: Gastroenterology
  • Chapter 08: Renal Medicine
  • Chapter 09: Haematology
  • Chapter 10: Infectious diseases
  • Chapter 11: Neurology
  • Chapter 12: Oncology and palliative car
  • Chapter 13: Rheumatology
  • Chapter 14: Surgery
  • Chapter 15: Epidemiology
  • Chapter 16: Clinical chemistry
  • Chapter 17: Eponymous syndromes
  • Chapter 18: Radiology
  • Chapter 19: Reference intervals
  • Chapter 20: Practical Procedures
  • Chapter 21: Emergencies


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