Lake Ozhogino

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Lake Ozhogino
В полночь у озера Ожогино.jpg
Location Sakha
Coordinates 69°16′00″N 146°36′00″E / 69.266667°N 146.6°E / 69.266667; 146.6Coordinates: 69°16′00″N 146°36′00″E / 69.266667°N 146.6°E / 69.266667; 146.6
Primary outflows Ozhogin River
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 157 km2 (61 sq mi)
Frozen September - June

Lake Ozhogino (Russian: Ожогино) is a large shallow freshwater lake in Sakha, Russia.[1] It has an area of 157 km². It freezes up in late September and stays icebound until June. Ozhogin River (Indigirka's tributary) flows from the lake.[citation needed]


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