Péter Szőr

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Péter Szőr
Born Péter Szőr
(1970-07-17)17 July 1970
Balatonfüred, Veszprém County, Hungary
Died 12 November 2013(2013-11-12) (aged 43)
Alma mater University of Pannonia
Occupation Computer virus and security researcher, entrepreneur, author
Years active 1990–2013
Spouse(s) Natalia Nemeth
Children Daniel Szor

Péter Szőr (17 July 1970 – 12 November 2013) was a Hungarian computer virus and security researcher, entrepreneur and author.

Born in Balatonfüred, Veszprém County, Szőr began an interest in computer viruses in 1990. A University of Pannonia graduate, he authored several virus-related books, and was renowned for his work. From 2009 until his death, he worked for a McAfee antivirus firm working on a new solution to stop viruses.[1]

In Early 1999, Péter Szőr had a son, Daniel Szőr, with his spouse Natalia Nemeth.

In May 2014, Virus Bulletin introduced the Péter Szőr Award to be given annually in recognition of the best piece of technical security research done that year.[2] Péter Szőr died on 12 November 2013, aged 43.[3][4]


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