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PŠC Pezinok
Logo PŠC Pezinok.png
Full namePezinský športový club Pezinok
Nickname(s)Zelenobieli (The Green-and-Whites)
Founded29 Au 1921
StadiumMestský štadión PŠC Pezinok
OwnerPezinok (City)
ChairmanErnest Mészáros
ManagerDaniel Federl
League3. liga III. level
2019/203. liga, 15th
WebsiteClub website

PŠC Pezinok (full name Pezinský športový club Pezinok) is a Slovak football club. The club was officially founded 29-th of August, 1921. The club colors are green and white. PŠC competes in 3rd league Bratislava, which is the highest regional competition in Bratislava Football Association (BFZ). Since the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the team has spent most of the time in that competition, except for a few seasons when there was a promotion to a higher or a relegation to a lower competition. The club has more than 300 members divided into a senior team, "B" team and 18 youth teams. Their home stadium is the PŠC Pezinok City Stadium with a capacity of 3,000 seats, of which 800 for seating in the main stand.

Club names[edit]

From To Club's name
1921 1948 PŠC Pezinok
1948 1953 Sokol Tehelne Pezinok
1953 1957 Tatran Pezinok
1957 1961 Slovan NV Pezinok
1961 1984 Lokomotíva Pezinok
1984 1991 Stavbár Pezinok
1991 - PŠC Pezinok

Club logo and colors[edit]

The actual club logo has been used since 1991 when the club's board under the leadership of Ing. František Slezák decided to return the name of the PŠC. It also means "comeback" of the historical club's logo.

The colors of the club from Pezinok were determined immediately upon its establishment. 29 August 1921, when a group of enthusiasts, Aladar Takacs, brothers Korineks and others traveled to Budapest, where they bought the first sets of kits and balls. The kits of the first team were white with green transversal strips, following Ferencváros Budapest. Since then, Pezinok have been faithful to their "green-white" color combination.[1]


The main rivals of the club are CFK Pezinok Cajla and GFC Grinava, both clubs based in Pezinok, as well. Rival matches always attract a huge number of fans, who encourage their clubs.


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