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"Sphinx Armachi" albumen print by German photographer P. Dittrich, 1890s

P. Dittrich (fl. 1880–1918)[1] was the first German photographer to establish himself in Egypt. He presumably came with the group Heymann, Laroche & Co., of which he was a member. He opened his own studio in the 1890s.[2] Dittrich was the photographer to the Court of Egypt. American journalist Amédée Baillot de Guerville refers to him in his book New Egypt (1905) by stating:

"To those in Cairo I can thoroughly recommend either M. Lekégian or M. Dittrich, photographer to the Court. The latter has a wonderful collection of portraits, admirably done, of all the more important persons. His rooms are a real museum of all the celebrities, masculine and feminine, whom Cairo has known in the last five-and-twenty years."[3]


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