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PA Music Scene Magazine is a monthly online music magazine focusing on the local Pennsylvania music talent, music businesses and music venues.

The magazine features articles targeting bands/musicians “In the BUZZ” in the music scene, album and show reviews, festivals and fairs, radio stations, venues, music videos and recording studios.

The ambition of the PA Music Scene is a grassroots effort to provide recognition to Pennsylvania musicians and those musicians who share their talent by performing in Pennsylvania. Their belief is that some of the best talent comes right from our own local music scene. They are an energetic group of volunteers working to unite artists, venues and fans.


PA Music Scene magazine made its debut online in July 2009. It was founded in Pottsville, PA (Schuylkill County) by music enthusiast, Gina Tutko, who was on a mission to bring positive support to the local music scene. Her love of music was reignited by a local Harrisburg-based band in which her brother-in-law is a member. Witnessing their passion and dedication, they inspired her to develop the online magazine. Despite the fact that they claimed to be a ‘hobby band’, they consistently demonstrated their love of creating and playing music with a level of perfection bringing a smile to those supporting their efforts. That instilled the idea within Gina that such talent should be shared with others who love music. The band’s founder became an adviser in the early stages. Terry Selders of Susquehanna Entertainment, which was the first music business profile interview by, is a huge advocate of this endeavor and continues to cultivate the magazine serving as a trusted mentor.

PA Music Scene magazine is unique in that it not only focuses on locally grown bands and venues but also sheds light on those who work behind the scenes. One of the most striking aspects of the site is its attention to detail in cataloging local recording studios and those who help bring out the best in the music scene. Gina describes the site as one that gives the ‘full picture’ of the Pennsylvania music scene. The site is designed to entertain those who want to read about local music but also to help support local music in all its manifestations. PA Music Scene creates a community in which potential fans have the opportunity to find their new favorite local artists and those artists have an opportunity to find local venues, local recording studios or producers that fit them best.

This online publication is not an ordinary music magazine. The site is fairly new but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in heart. It is continually looking to expand and add features to help musicians, venues and fans to connect. Success would not be possible without the fan-base and the venues which give artists a place to showcase their talent and hard work. PA Music strives to create an environment that provides support in all aspects of the Pennsylvania Music Scene. PA Music Scene encourages their readers to continue supporting live music It’s important for so many reasons. Not only does it financially help the independent artists but the hope is the MUSIC will be a diversion from the every day drama. No matter what event take place in your life – there always seems to be a song to relate to the experience! Support live performances, download the music and buy their CD’s and/or any other promotional items. Musicians appreciate your support! The PA Music Scene’s goal is to enhance the quality of their community's music awareness.[1]


  • Gina Tutko
  • Theresa Sachs-Lehman
  • S. B. Hider
  • Paul E. Simpson
  • Katie Kelly
  • Dana Zimmerman
  • Bruce Zimmerman
  • Julie Schreiber-Wirsing
  • Paul Smith
  • Gabby O'Neill
  • And various intermittent contributors


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