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PB Radio
PB Radio's 2012 Logo.png
Broadcast area Plantsbrook School and Online
Slogan Radio for Plantsbrook School
First air date

14 April 2004 as Plantsbrook School Radio

29 March 2009 as PB Radio
Format Contemporary Hit Radio, News, Entertainment, Speech, Showbiz
Callsign meaning PB 'Plants' 'Brook' Radio
Affiliations Student Radio Association
Owner Plantsbrook School
Sister stations JWS Radio
Webcast www.live.pbradio.co.uk
Website www.pbradio.co.uk

PB Radio (formerly known as PBR FM and Plantsbrook School Radio) is a student radio station at Plantsbrook School.[1]

The station broadcasts online and through the schools internal network, from a studio located within Plantsbrook School. The station is distributed via the schools' internal network to receiving units positioned in the canteen, sixth form block and other various locations where it is relayed over loudspeakers.

Programmes/shows are aired three times daily, 08:20 to 08:40, 11:00 to 11:20 and 1:20 - 2:15. Programmes are produced and presented by students at Plantsbrook School. Early morning and break programmes follow a A-, B- and C- playlist; Lunch shows are specialist music shows (e.g. drum and bass, indie rock, dubstep)


PB Radio Studio October Refurbishment 2011

The station is primarily designed to be a form of communication for students at Plantsbrook School. The station also provides experience of radio presenting, technical, management and leadership to the students involved.


Student presenter on pb radio

The station was relaunched in October 2011, with a refurbished studio and new station design. The station now broadcasts at breakfast and allows younger students to apply for senior officer positions. The refurbishment was funded through a grant awarded by Rosie's Helping Hands Charitable Trust.


Ryan Kavanagh was the first student to broadcast on PB Radio in 2009.

PB Radio have been funded by donations from three bodies:[2]

  1. Plantsbrook School
  2. Plantsbrook Parents & Teachers Association
  3. Rosie's Helping Hands Charitable Trust


PB Radio is managed by a team of students. There is a Station Manager and below them different roles filled to keep a constant hold on the radio station/society. The Station Manager leads the committee, supported by assistants and then departmental heads for programming, brand, technical, on-air challenges, music and others.

The Station Manager then reports to a senior teacher at Plantsbrook School, but are ultimately responsible for the running of the station.

Committee of 2011/12[edit]

Name Position Joined In
Ben Stevens Station Manager 2009
Jade Tomlins Deputy Station Manager 2011
Gabie Peverelle Assistant Station Manager 2012
Jack Huxley Assistant Station Manager 2012
Sam North Programme Controller 2010
Ryan Kavanagh Head of Music 2010
Chloe Belle Head of Web & Social Media 2012
Chris King Head of Technical Support 2012
Noah Callaway Head of Show Support 2012
Adam Brown Head of Training 2011

Larger departments are supported by a Senior Officer, there purpose is to assist the Head of Department in their duties and stand in for them if necessary. All Sixth Form Committee members complete at least 1 hour of supervision a week as part of their role.[3]

Notable Previous Committee Members[edit]

Name Position Years active
Benjamin Woolley Head of Web & Social Media 2011 - 2012
Samuel North Programme Controller 2010 - 2011
Joshua Holland Head of Technical 2009 - 2011
Alexander Bean Head of Programming 2009 - 2010


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