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PC Globe
PC Globe 3.0
PC Globe 3.0
Developer(s)PC Globe, inc., Brøderbund
Initial release1989
Operating systemMS-DOS, Windows 3.X, Macintosh, Atari ST

PC Globe is an atlas for MS-DOS[1] and Microsoft Windows, first released in 1989.[citation needed]

It offered information on 190 countries and dependencies.[2]

Distributed on floppy disk, the program is divided into several menus that allows one to access the data.

The database includes a geographic map of the world, with the possibility to select the country of interest.

For each state there are maps and information (for example, the policy framework, the demographic situation as well as tourist information).

The minimum system requirements of the initial DOS version of the software is a 8086 processor, 640 KB of RAM and a graphics card CGA, EGA or VGA.

Release History[edit]

For DOS, PC Globe 3.0 was released in 1989,[3] with PC Globe 4.0 coming the next year.[3] Still in 1990, an Atari ST version was available.[4]

In 1993 PC Globe 5.0 came out.[5]

The latest version is PC Globe Maps-N-Facts (for PC and Mac) released in 1994.[6]


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