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Developer(s) EasternGraphics GmbH
Initial release 1998
Stable release 7.0 / 2014
Development status Active
Operating system MS Windows XP/Vista/7
Size 52 MB
Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Swedish, Danish
Type 3D computer graphics software
License Proprietary
Website pcon-planner.com

pCon.planner is a space planning, graphical product configuration, quotation creation and communication solution. The application is developed by EasternGraphics GmbH in Ilmenau (Thuringia/Germany). There is a free of charge version, without configuration capabilities as well as cost based versions (ME and PRO).


In 1998 the German Association of Office, Seating and Object Furniture (BSO) commissioned EasternGraphics to develop OFML (Office Furniture Modeling Language) data specification. The goal was to design a consistent description format for complex products that are characterized by a high number of properties. It was during that time that the technical basis for the creation of pCon.planner were laid. pCon.planner was the first application to be able to process OFML data.

In the following years pCon.planner 4 (February 2004 - February 2007) and 5 (from February 2007 until today) were developed. In 2008, parallel to the work for pCon.planner 5, the company started with the total re-implementation of the planning system using completely new technology and incorporating the feedback of customers gathered during years.

In October 2008, the first beta version of pCon.planner 6 was introduced to the customers at the Orgatec fair in Cologne, Germany. A few weeks later EasternGraphics offered pCon.planner 6.0 as freeware on the Internet. Since then more than 700,000 copies (data from March 2012) have been downloaded.

Scope of application[edit]

pCon.planner 6 is seen as a process-oriented application for space and interior planning. Users can draw rooms and fill them with 3D objects and materials which they can directly download from online catalogs. In addition, the application offers various possibilities for presenting plannings and scenes, such as the creation of films or images in a photo-realistic quality.


The following specifications apply to the free version of pCon.planner 6 as well as the one to be paid for.

  • DWG as native file format
  • High performance for complex projects
  • Drawing of spaces and single walls
  • Room elements (e.g. door, glassfronts, staircase)
  • Layer manipulation
  • Direct access to a 3D online catalog (pCon.catalog)
  • Integration of Google's 3D Warehouse and conversion to DWG
  • Support for different light types (Spot, Area, Directional and Point)
  • Creation of animations
  • Integration of YafaRay for rendering pictures and videos (64 bit)
  • Creation of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images
  • Upload of plannings to the Web and publishing them in social networks
  • Import/export of various geometry and image file formats (DWG, DXF, 3DS, PNG, BMP)
  • Processing of OFML data and creation of article list (ME and PRO)
  • Creation and processing of OFML commercial articles (ME and PRO)
  • Advanced print layour tool (PRO)
  • Dimension styles (PRO)
  • and much more

Data formats[edit]

pCon.planner supports the import and export of several graphics formats:

3D model export:

  • [All versions] DWG (native file format), DXF, DWT, 3DS
  • [Only PRO] DAE, SKP, OBJ, FBX

2D/3D model import:

  • [All versions] DWG (native file format), DXF, DWT, SAT, SAB, 3DS, SKP, FML, ENV, OGRP

2D raster files import/export:

  • [All versions] JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPG

pCon.planner 6 ME and PRO[edit]

In addition to the free version of pCon.planner there is also two others with further functionality. They contain extra features needed in field of space and interior planning like the processing of commercial and geometric data (OFML) and other advanced functions.


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