PDQ Aircraft Products PDQ-2

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PDQ-2 (Aeroprints) (7880757256).jpg
Role Sport aircraft
National origin United States
Manufacturer Homebuilt aircraft
Designer Wayne Ison
First flight 30 May 1973

The PDQ Aircraft Products PDQ-2 is a very basic light aircraft originally built in 1973 in the United States, and marketed as plans for a homebuilt aircraft.[1] It was a minimalist design, consisting of aluminum alloy tubes carrying the pilot's seat, a set of monoplane wings and a T-tail.[2][3] The pilot's position was fully exposed at the front of the aircraft.[2] Power is provided by a single engine mounted pusher-fashion on a pylon above the wings.[2][3] Originally, this was a Rockwell JLO snowmobile engine, but Ison revised the design to use a converted Volkswagen engine,[2] due to a lack of availability of the first choice of engine.[4] The heavier Volkswagen engine required an increase in structural strength, and the design was revised accordingly.[2][4] The wings have wooden spars with ribs, and skin of polyurethane foam, all coated in epoxy resin.[2][3] Fixed, tricycle undercarriage was fitted.[2]

The PDQ-2 uses a NACA 63A615 airfoil.[5]

Plans for the design were still marketed in 2005.[6]


Data from Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1977–78, p.554

General characteristics

  • Crew: One pilot
  • Length: 14 ft 6 in (4.42 m)
  • Wingspan: 22 ft 0 in (6.71 m)
  • Height: 4 ft 2 in (1.27 m)
  • Empty weight: 360 lb (160 kg)
  • Gross weight: 600 lb (270 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Rockwell JLO-LB-600-2, 36 hp (27 kW)


  • Maximum speed: 80 mph (130 km/h)
  • Service ceiling: 10,000 ft (3,050 m)
  • Rate of climb: 500 ft/min (2.5 m/s)


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