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The PMR-3 is a Yugoslavian anti-personnel stake mine. The mine is a development of the PMR-1 and PMR-2 stake mines, having a larger main charge and a greater effective radius. Two versions of the mine were built, an 'old' version and a 'new' version. The principal difference being that the 'old' model could be pressure and pull operated, while the 'new' model can only be pull operated.

The 'old' version consists of a cylindrical main body with six large fragmentation grooves running around the circumference and two mounting lugs on one side for mounting the mine to a provided metal stake. The 'new' version of the mine is similar, but with a smaller fuze and no fragmentation grooves.

The 'old' model of the mine is found in Bosnia, Chile, Croatia, and Kosovo. The 'new' model is found in Bosnia and Croatia.


PMR-3 (old) PMR-3 (new)
(main body)
134 mm 128 mm
Diameter 78 mm 77 mm
Weight 2 kg
Explosive content 0.41 kg
of TNT
0.41 kg
of plastic explosive
Operating pressure 9 kgf pressure
3 kgf pull
2 to 7 kgf pull
Fuzes UPMR-3
or UPROM-1
UMNP-1 variant


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