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POD 2: Multiplayer Online (released under the title POD: Speedzone in North America) was the sequel to the 1997 racing game, POD, made by Ubisoft and available for Dreamcast. In POD 2 the player had the option of connecting to the Internet to play against other people. The game takes place on a terraformed version of Saturn's largest moon Titan where a planet-wide viral outbreak has taken place. The premise of the game is that the only person who knows how to contain the virus will only assist you if you race against him. There are a variety of courses that include volcanoes and deserts. A PlayStation 2 and a Microsoft Windows version were also planned for release in 2001, both developed by Ubisoft UK but were scrapped.

In October 2017 the Online portions of the Game where brought back Online thanks to fans[1][2]


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