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PPC may stand for:

Communications and computers[edit]

Business and economics[edit]

Engineering and construction[edit]

  • Ppc cycle, Production Planning Control.
  • PPC,Plain Paper Copier
  • Plastic Parts Centre, a former name for Moss Express, a manufacturer and distributor of injected moulded parts
  • Polyester Powder coating of metals in building and automotive industries
  • Powered parachute or paraplane, a type of ultralight aircraft
  • Pretoria Portland Cement Company (PPC), a South African cement producer.
  • PPC worldwide, a U.S.-based manufacturer of connector technology for the telecommunications, broadcast and wireless industries.
  • Precast Prestressed concrete, a type of concrete structure that contains reinforcing cables or rods under tension
  • Production Planning and Control of materials in the manufacturing industry
  • Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC S.A.), the biggest electric power company in Greece

Entertainment and sports[edit]



Other uses[edit]