PSR J0538+2817

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PSR J0538+2817
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Taurus
Right ascension 05h 38m 25.0623s[1]
Declination 28° 17′ 09.1″[1]
Distance3900 ly
(1200[1] pc)
Rotation143 ms
Age30,000 ± 4,000 years
Other designations
PSR B0535+28, NVSS J053825+281717[2]
Database references

PSR J0538+2817 is a pulsar situated in the constellation of Taurus. Discovered in 1996, it stirred interest from the fact that it is physically linked to the supernova remnant SNR G180.8–02.2.[1][3]

The characteristic age of PSR J0538+2817 gives an older estimate: 618,000 years. However, observation of the pulsar's proper motion gives a much younger result: 30,000 ± years, meaning that the pulsar must have begun rotating at a relatively slow pace, at 139 milliseconds.[1]


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