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Pablo Beltrán Ruiz

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Pablo Beltrán Ruiz (5 March 1915 - 29 July 2008) was a Mexican composer and bandleader, most famous for having composed, together with Mexican singer Luis Demetrio, the Spanish-language 1953 pop standard "¿Quién será?", whose English version is known as "Sway": it had its lyrics written by Norman Gimbel, and was an international hit by Dean Martin in 1954, and by Bobby Rydell in 1960. Other songs by Beltrán include "Picnic a Go-Go" and "La Sombra de tu Sonrisa" (both 1966), an instrumental version of "The Shadow of Your Smile".


Pablo Beltrán Ruiz was born in 1915 to Ladislao Rosas and Felipa Rodríguez. He moved to Mexico City where he studied Law for one year and Chemistry for 3 years. He also studied music at the Escuela Libre de Música (Free School of Music) in Mexico, under the guidance of professor José Vázquez.

¿Quién Será?/Sway[edit]

"¿Quién será la que me quiera a mí?" (meaning in English "Who will be the one to love me?" was recorded in 1953 by "Pablo Beltrán Ruiz y Su Orchestra" and was a minor hit before Dean Martin's 1954 release. It eventually became one of the best known Latin classics worldwide.

Other works[edit]

His music has been frequently used in soundtracks of a number of films such as: Escuela de vagabundos (1954) starring Pedro Infante and Miroslava, ¡Paso a la juventud..! (1957) starring Tin Tan, México nunca duerme (1958) directed by Alejandro Galindo and Su Excelencia (1966) starring Mario Moreno "Cantinflas".[1]


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