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Pacific-Union Club
The James C. Flood Mansion is the home of the Pacific-Union Club

The Pacific-Union Club is a gentlemen's club located at 1000 California Street in San Francisco, California, at the top of Nob Hill. It was founded in 1889 as a merger of two earlier clubs: the Pacific Club (founded 1852) and the Union Club (founded 1854). Women are excluded as per the club's charter. The clubhouse was built as the home for the silver magnate James Clair Flood. The former Flood Mansion is located in the Nob Hill neighborhood. It was designed by Willis Polk. It is considered the first brownstone constructed west of the Mississippi River. Along with the Fairmont Hotel across the street, it was the only structure in the area to survive the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906.

This club figured prominently in the history of the west coast of the United States. Many prominent citizens have been active among its membership.

Club bylaws restrict members from speaking about the club's activities to the press saying "No information regarding any Club activity or function shall be released by anyone to the media." [1]

List of club presidents[edit]

With Dates of their Election.

  1. Richard P. Hammond 1889
  2. Thomas C. Van Ness 1889-1891
  3. Russell J. Wilson 1891-1892
  4. Jared L. Rathbone 1892
  5. Charles Page 1892-1893
  6. Henry T. Scott 1893-1895
  7. Joseph B. Crockett 1895-1896
  8. Edward W. Hopkins 1896-1897
  9. A. Chesebrough 1897-1898
  10. George Whittell 1898
  11. Chauncey R. Winslow 1898-1899
  12. Horace G. Platt 1899-1900
  13. James W. Byrne 1900-1902
  14. W. Mayo Newhall 1902-1903
  15. James W. Byrne 1903-1905
  16. Wakefield Baker 1905-1906
  17. Edgar J. De Pue 1906-1908
  18. William Bowers Bourn II 1908-1911
  19. Archibald C. Kains 1909
  20. Albert H. Payson 1911-1912
  21. George A. Pope 1912-1913
  22. William H. Crocker 1913-1914
  23. Charles K. McIntosh 1914-1915
  24. Charles P. Eells 1915-1916
  25. Frederick S. Moody 1916-1917
  26. Frederick S. Moody 1917-1918
  27. William Sproule 1918-1919
  28. Frank D. Madison 1919-1920
  29. Frank D. Madison 1920-1921
  30. Kenneth R. Kingsbury 1921-1922

Prominent Members[edit]

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