Pacific Ocean Blues

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This article is about the Dennis Wilson song. For other uses, see Pacific Ocean Blues (disambiguation).
"Pacific Ocean Blues"
Song by Dennis Wilson from the album Pacific Ocean Blue
Released August 22, 1977
Recorded 1975-1977
Length 2:39
Label Caribou Records
Sony Music
Writer(s) Dennis Wilson, Mike Love
Producer(s) Dennis Wilson
Gregg Jakobson
Pacific Ocean Blue track listing

"Pacific Ocean Blues" is a song written by Dennis Wilson and his cousin Mike Love. It was released as the ninth track on Dennis Wilson's 1977 debut solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. The track, as with the rest of the album, was credited as having been produced by Dennis Wilson and his close friend Gregg Jakobson.

A backing track was reportedly recorded by late 1975 and was Dennis Wilson's only submission for The Beach Boys 1976 album 15 Big Ones, though it was turned down by the band. The completed version, although a hard rocker, features water sound effects. Dennis has been quoted as calling the song "my least favorite cut" on the album as he reportedly felt that the song sounded incomplete.

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