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Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc. is a research and development manufacturing company. It is also the leading producer of Sawbones, designed to simulate the bone architecture as well as the bone’s physical properties.[1] Founded in 1976, and now with about 175 employees (as of May 2016),[2] it is the largest manufacturer on Vashon, and is locally referred to as "The Bone Factory."[3]

Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc. also has capabilities in:

 » Research and Development (R&D) Prototypes
 » Short Run Production
 » Rapid Prototyping

and is the manufacturer for Seaglider™ fairings, wings and rudders [4] as well as Super Shroud cell tower concealment shrouds. Seaglider™ is an underwater glider type of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) developed by the University of Washington.[5]

Other detailed capabilities of Pacific Research Laboratories include:[6]

 · Product development and design by an experienced engineering staff, including quick-turnaround projects using urethanes, silicones, glass/carbon fibers, braided fiberglass, thermoplastics, electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatics.
 · Creation of prototypes, master patterns, and tooling.
 · Reverse engineering, and laser scanning.
 · Manufacturing using 3D printing, 3-axis CNC router, 4-axis CNC machining, and a triaxial fiberglass braider.

In December 2010, Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc. became employee owned, under an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).[7]

Sawbones has been developed specifically for surgical training where a realistic bone specimen is required.[8]


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