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Pacific Seacraft Corporation is a Washington, North Carolina based sailboat manufacturer specializing in fiberglass monohull cruising boats. Pacific Seacraft is best known for producing the Crealock line of sailboats. These are heavy, overbuilt offshore cruising designs designed by William Crealock. Crealocks are distinctive due to their overhanging 'canoe' sterns and traditional lines. Their sailboats have been featured in both volumes of Ferenc Máté's The World's Best Sailboats, and Fortune Magazine twice selected Pacific Seacraft as a producer of America's 100 best products.[1]


After Ericson filed for bankruptcy in 1990, Pacific Seacraft built some Ericson sailboat models.

While headquartered in California, the company filed for Chapter 11 protection from its creditors in May 2007. The company's assets, with the exception of the Dana 24 molds which went to Portland, Oregon, were purchased at a bankruptcy auction September 2007 and moved in their entirety to Washington N.C., along with some of the former employees. Production restarted in 2008 under the new ownership of marine archeologist Stephen Brodie and his father Reid.[2]

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