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Page as a given name may refer to:

  • Page Belcher (1899–1980), American politician
  • Page Cavanaugh (1922–2008), American jazz and pop pianist, vocalist and arranger
  • Page Hamilton (born 1960), American guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer, most notably with the alternative metal band Helmet
  • Page Hopkins, American journalist
  • Page McConnell (born 1963), American musician and songwriter, most notably with the American rock band Phish

See also[edit]

  • Patrick Page Cortez (born 1961), American politician and businessman
  • D. Page Elmore (1939–2010), American politician
  • Charles Page Fletcher (born in the 1950s), Canadian actor
  • W. Page Keeton (1909–1999), attorney and longtime dean of the University of Texas School of Law
  • Charles Page Smith (1917–1995), American historian, professor, author and newspaper columnist