Painless Love

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Painless Love
Directed by Charley Chase
Produced by Abe Stern
Julius Stern
Starring Oliver Hardy
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
  • October 23, 1918 (1918-10-23)
Running time
2 reels
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Painless Love is a 1918 American silent comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy.



Like many American films of the time, Painless Love was subject to restrictions and cuts by city and state film censorship boards. For example, the Chicago Board of Censors required a cut, in Reel 1, of two scenes of a young woman in a one piece bathing suit playing hide-and-seek with the man, near view of young women at pool, two near views of young woman in bathing suit with apron, Reel 2, first two and last two scenes of young women in one piece bathing suits, two closeups of young woman with low cut gown at table, scene of man throwing coin in trouser front and following vulgar actions, two near views of couple in suggestive dance, and three scenes of "Madam Bevo" in suggestive dance where he wriggles tail of hula costume.[1]

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