Painswick House

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Painswick House
Painswick Rococo Garden, Thomas Robins the Elder, 1748.

Painswick House is a grade I listed house in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England.[1]

The house was built in the 1730s by Charles Hyett to escape the smog of Gloucester and was originally known as "Buenos Ayres" but Hyett died in 1738 not long after moving there.[2]

The grounds include the Painswick Rococo Garden, as it is now known, which was laid out by Charles's oldest son Benjamin Hyett II (1708-62) (brother of Nicholas Hyett, constable and keeper of the Castle of Gloucester). The garden was painted by Thomas Robins the Elder in 1748. Robins's painting allowed the garden to be restored in the 1990s under the direction of Painswick's owner, Lord Dickinson, who inherited the house in 1955.[3][4]


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