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Painting in Space ("Les Peintures dans l`espace" in French) is an art movement that was invented by Yervand Kochar (1899–1979) in the beginning of 20th century. This movement syntheses all the possibilities of painting, graphic and sculpture.

Painting in Space consists of different metal panels with various paintings. With the help of an engine situated in the base of the figure it is being viewed in slow motion. This way Yervand Kochar shows how in time separate space elements become one, breaking the boundaries of time and space. It is not a sculpture, but painting in motion. Kochar proposes to expand the possibilities of visual thinking, introducing motion into frozen forms, blending painting with the plasticity of three-dimensional geometric forms. (3D graphics of nowadays)

One work of Painting in Space movement, aptly named, "Les Peintures dans l`espace" (1934) by Yervand Kochar is being exhibited and in the permanent collection at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris since 1963.[1]


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