Pak Kung Au (Islands)

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Tung Chung Road near Pak Kung Au in 2007.
Plaque in memory of the B-HRX crash.

Pak Kung Au (Chinese: 伯公坳), also known as Tung Chung Gap, Tung Chung Au (東涌坳), is a mountain pass along Tung Chung Road on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

It is located at the end of Stage 2 and the start of Stage 3 of the Lantau Trail, between Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak.

B-HRX crash[edit]

On August 26, 2003, the B-HRX, an EC 155 B1 helicopter from the Government Flying Service crashed at Pak Kung Au.[1][2] The pilot and the aircrewman were fatally injured.[3] They are buried in Gallant Garden, a cemetery for civil servants who die on duty.


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