Palacio del Infantado, Guadalajara

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Palace of the Infantage
Native name
Spanish: Palacio del Infantado
1004 03 Guadalajara-Palacio Infantes (11).JPG
Location Guadalajara, Spain
Coordinates 40°38′13″N 3°10′03″W / 40.636944°N 3.1675°W / 40.636944; -3.1675Coordinates: 40°38′13″N 3°10′03″W / 40.636944°N 3.1675°W / 40.636944; -3.1675
Official name: Palacio del Infantado
Type Non-movable
Criteria Monument
Designated 1914
Reference no. RI-51-0000134
Palacio del Infantado, Guadalajara is located in Spain
Palacio del Infantado, Guadalajara
Location of Palace of the Infantage in Spain

The Palace of El Infantado (Spanish: Palacio del Infantado) is a palace located in Guadalajara, Spain. It was the seat of the Dukes of the Infantado.

It was declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1914.[citation needed] It currently houses a museum.