Palatov D1

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Palatov D1
Palatov dp1 V8 Render 4.jpg
Manufacturer Palatov Motorsport LLC
Production spring 2011
Designer Dennis Palatov
Body and chassis
Related Palatov D4
Engine 3000 cc v8
Length 113 in (2.870 m)
Width 68 in (1.727 m)
Height 39 in (top of rollbar) (0.991 m)
Curb weight about 950 lb (385 kg)

The Palatov D1 is an American lightweight race car that was designed by American[1] Dennis Palatov[2][3] manufactured by his Portland, Oregon-based[4] company Palatov Motorsport.[5] A proof-of-concept prototype (dp1) was constructed over a period of several years using a 4-cylinder engine from Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. There are detailed blogs on the design,[6] build[7] and testing[8] of the prototype. After extensive testing the prototype was eventually retired and has since found a second life as the electric racecar.[9]

Taking everything learned from the dp1 prototype, Dennis formed Palatov Motorsport in 2008 to manufacture lightweight track and racing cars. The first car released was the D4.[10] Its development is documented in a separate blog.[11] Now the D1[12] development continues with the American small displacement high revving 430 hp Hartley V8 engine and redesigned bodywork. First production D1 is expected to be released in 2011[needs update] and the development is being documented in its own bolg.[13]

With a proprietary AWD system, extreme light weight and 1,000 hp per metric ton the D1 will be the flagship of the Palatov Motorsport product lineup. The D1 is designed to use the American designed and built[14][15] Hartley V8[16] exclusively.

The production V8 version is intended for skilled and experienced track drivers who can make use of its potential. The D1 will only be sold as a complete (turnkey) car exclusively for track use with no streetable option.


Preliminary specifications

  • Engine: Custom 3,000cc V8, 430 hp @10,000 RPM, 220 lb-ft @6500 RPM
  • Transmission: Hewland 5-speed sequential with reverse
  • Weight: Approximately 950 lb (431 kg)
  • Power/weight: 1,000 hp/metric ton (2.2 lb/hp)
  • Wheelbase: 80.5"
  • Length: 113"
  • Width: 68"
  • Height: 39" (top of rollbar)
  • Ground Clearance: 1.5"
  • Drivetrain: proprietary AWD system with chain drive and limited slip differentials
  • Chassis: advanced composite, quick-change bodywork
  • Wheels: 13x8 Tires: 20x8-13 race slicks
  • Price: US$150,000


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