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Palaver may refer to:

African uses[edit]

  • Panyarring, used to force a person to a palver or palaver, a court-like process for repayment of loss
  • Palaver (politics), Ernest Wamba dia Wamba
  • Palaver sauce or Palava sauce, a type of stew widely eaten in West Africa
  • Toguna (or palaver hut), a public building erected by the Dogon people in Mali
  • The Ghana Palaver, sued by Francis Amanfoh Ambassador to Liberia in 2008


  • Palaver Point, on the west side of Two Hummock Island, in the Palmer Archipelago


  • Schweiz ohne Armee? Ein Palaver "Switzerland without an army? A palaver" Max Frisch


  • Palaver, a Romance of Northern Nigeria, 1926 Geoffrey Barkas
  • Palaver (film), a 1969 Dutch-language Belgian fantasy film directed by Emile Degelin