Palazzo Datini

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Coordinates: 43°52′47.98″N 11°5′43.62″E / 43.8799944°N 11.0954500°E / 43.8799944; 11.0954500

Palazzo Datini.

Palazzo Datini is a late 14th-century palace located on Via Ser Lapo Mazzei #43 in Prato, region of Tuscany central Italy. In 2015, the palace housed the offices of the Fondazione Casa Pia dei Ceppi, a charitable organization, but also a museum and archive.


Begun in 1383 as the residence of merchant Francesco Datini, it was subsequently decorated by some of the most notable artists of that age, such as Agnolo Gaddi and Niccolò di Pietro Gerini, both internally and on the exterior, although the latter paintings are rather damaged. It once included, in front of the current façade, a botanical garden which was among the first ones in Italy. In 1409 the Datini housed here Pope Alexander V and Louis II of Anjou, King of Naples.

After Datini's death, all the papers from his archive were shut in a wall of the buildings; they were discovered, nearly intact, in the 19th century and are now housed, for a total of some 150,000 documents, in the building.[1]

Filippo Lippi's Madonna del Ceppo was once located in the palace's garden.