Palazzo Pescatore

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Palazzo Pescatore

Palazzo Pescatore is a palace in St. Paul's Bay, Malta. It was built in the late 19th century. Its symmetrical porticoed façades of neo-classical inspiration are similar to those of Palazzo Dragonara in St. Julian's.


Palazzo Pescatore Arch is a landmark building[1]

The building is two stories tall.[2] Some of the decorations are recent additions.[3] The interior of Palazzo Pescatore was greatly altered during its use as a nightclub.[2]


The gardens of Palazzo Pescatore have now been re-developed for modern investment.[2][4]



Palazzo Pescatore was used as a nightclub for some time.[2] However, Palazzo Pescatore was banned from operating a nightclub on the site by ruling of the court, in Malta, for several reasons.[5]


The Palace today serves as a complex, such as having a chained Italian food restaurant, in Malta. The restaurant serves a speciality of fish and the reason after this is because of the name of the palace 'Pescatore' which in translation from Italian to English is 'Fisherman'.[6]

Maltese heritage[edit]

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) scheduled Palazzo Pescatore and its grounds as a Grade 2 List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest as per Government Notice number 492/06 in the Government Gazette dated June 6, 2006.[2] Palazzo Pescatore is considered as a national monument in need of restoration, while it has suffered from major alterations over time. Thus the palace needs attention and preservation. Palazzo Pescatore is a private property but as a national treasure, the Maltese government holds the right to guide its use, and may negotiate with the owner.[7]

The palace is also listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands (NICPMI).[3][8]


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