Pall Mall Groove

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Pall Mall Groove
Hot ice pall mall groove-2417111-1232877582.jpeg
Studio album by Switch
Released 1977
Recorded October 1976
Genre R&B, funk, soul
Label Polydor Original Germany Release
Source 1979 US re-release as Smash
Burndsman Records 2007 CD reissue of Smash
Producer Gregory Williams, Jody Sims, Darnell Wyrick, Bernd Lichters
Switch chronology
White Heat
Pall Mall Groove
1979 US reissue as Smash

Pall Mall Groove is an album released by Switch, under the name of Hot Ice. After the White Heat fiasco, the band recorded this album for Bernd Lichters. It was initially released only in Germany, Bernd's home country, in 1977 through Polydor Records. It was eventually released in the US in 1979, now renamed Smash, on the MCA Records-distributed Source label. In 2007, it was released again (still titled Smash) on a limited edition CD through Bernd's own Burndsman Records. This album appeared a year before their Motown debut as Switch. Hot Ice was Gregory Williams, Jody Sims, Phillip Ingram, Bobby DeBarge, Tommy DeBarge, T.C. Brown, Stanley Brown and Arnett Hayes. The album includes a re-recording of "Funk Freak" from the previous White Heat album.

Track listing[edit]

Side One:

  1. "Pall Mall Groove" (instrumental)
  2. "Anyway" (feat. Darnell Wyrick and Gregory Williams)
  3. "I'm Gonna Give (My Whole Life To Music)" (feat. Arnett Hayes)
  4. "Don't Waste My Time" (feat. T.C. Brown)

Side Two:

  1. "Where's The Party" (feat. Tommy DeBarge)
  2. "Your Love" (feat. T.C. Brown)
  3. "Please Don't Let Me Go" (feat. Bobby DeBarge)
  4. "Funk Freak" (feat. Stanley Brown)


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