Palm Key

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Palm Key
Palm Key is located in Florida
Palm Key
Palm Key
Palm Key
Palm Key is located in Caribbean
Palm Key
Palm Key
Palm Key (Caribbean)
LocationGulf of Mexico
Coordinates25°05′34″N 80°52′47″W / 25.092773°N 80.879795°W / 25.092773; -80.879795Coordinates: 25°05′34″N 80°52′47″W / 25.092773°N 80.879795°W / 25.092773; -80.879795
ArchipelagoFlorida Keys
Adjacent bodies of waterFlorida Straits

Palm Key is an island located in Florida Bay near latitude 25°7'N, and longitude 80°53'W, or about 3 miles (4.8 km) southeast of the town of Flamingo, Florida. Naval charts show it to be a small oval-shaped island approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) in length; it is apparently uninhabited.[1]

Popular culture references[edit]

  • Palm Key is mentioned in Chapter VI of Robert Louis Stevenson's 1881 novel Treasure Island.
  • "Palm Key" is also the fictional island home of Jonny Quest (at least in the classic 1964-65 series of the same name), his father Dr. Benton Quest, his adoptive brother Hadji, the family's bodyguard and the boys' tutor Roger "Race" Bannon, and their dog Bandit. Supposedly located off the coast of Florida, it was a relatively small sub-tropical island with sandy beaches and palm trees. Dr. Quest had a fairly well-equipped set of labs here, and there was a landing strip and at least one dock present. The compound also had a powerful radio transmitter and receiver that was used several times (Pursuit of the Po-Ho, The Invisible Monster), usually when a friend or colleague needed help.


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