Paloma Cela

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Paloma Cela
Born María Luisa Cela Molinero
(1946-03-04) March 4, 1946 (age 71)
Madrid, Spain
Occupation Actress and model
Years active 1967–present

María Luisa Cela Molinero (born March 4, 1946), better known by her stage name Paloma Cela, is a Spanish actress and model.


Born in Madrid, Spain, she started out as a model and made her cinema debut in the 1967 film Operación cabaretera, directed by Mariano Ozores.[1]

She spent the next thirty years of her career performing mainly in Comedy films until the early 1990s where she began appearing more often in Sitcoms such as ¡Ay, Señor, Señor! and ¡Ala... Dina!. In 1998 she starred in the comedy series Tío Willy which was the first series in Spain starring an LGBT character.[2]

In the early 2000s she performed in a couple of plays such as the 2002 version of La venganza de la Petra and the 2003 version of Anacleto se divorcia

Since the mid-00's she has only appeared in gossip programs such as Sálvame Deluxe where she found herself forced to defend herself from slanderous claims made about her by journalist Lydia Lozano.[3]

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