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Panagiotis Meltemis (Greek: Παναγιώτης Μελτέμης, born Panagiotis K. Papadopoulos (Παναγιώτη Κ. Παπαδόπουλου) 1918-1978) was a Greek poet and writer from Messinia.


Meltemis was born in Kopanaki in 1918. He participated at Aetos Middle School, Meligala and Kyparissia Middle Schools. He studied law at the University of Athens and crossroaded as a councillor at the employment office. He took part with the Greek Resistance.

In Greek letters, he appeared before World War II, he drew and wrote poetry in some newspapers including Tharros of Kalamata and Makedonia of Thessaloniki (then also Salonica). He took part in the publishing house as a translator. His work pointed out with literary organizations including I Militsa (Η Μηλίτσα) which awarded himself ifor Ergatiki Estias (Εργατικής Εστίας = Work Place) (1948) in his poetic direction of the periodical Eklogi (Εκλογή) with the mind of translating a sonnet by Philippe Desportes, Icare chut ici, the translation made it into second place in 1949. He wrote poems, works, novels and translated plays and theatrical works from French, Italian and English. His first book I Militsa and Other Works (Η Μηλίτσα και άλλα διηγήματα = I Miltsa ke ala diyimata) which received in 1950. He took part in a poetic council Ta Horiatika [Τα Χωριάτικα] (1957) and the novel Erima Simadia [Έρημα Σημάδια] (1963).

He also wrote in other papers and periodical even O Logotehnis as well as papers including Mesiniaki Anagenissi and Icho of Messinia, in these brought only humorous writing with titles especially I kouvedes tou Mitsiotassi (Οι κουβέντες του Μητσιοτάση) and Jianabetika (Τζιαναμπέτικα) along with other writings.

He died in 1978.


  • Poems: Ta horiatika (1957)
  • Story: I Militrsa kai alla diyimata (1950)
  • Novel: Erima simadia (1963)


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