Panagopoula Tunnel

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Panagopoula Tunnel
Panagopoula tunnel section 2.jpg
The east entrance of Panagopoula tunnel (Section 2 - Corinth to Patras)
LocationAchaea, Greece
Coordinates38°19′05.3″N 21°58′17.4″E / 38.318139°N 21.971500°E / 38.318139; 21.971500
RouteAutokinetodromos A8 number.svg
Work begun2008
OpenedFebruary 2017
OperatorOlympia Odos S.A.
CharacterTwin-tube motorway tunnel
Length548 m (1,798 ft) + 581 m (1,906 ft) + 4,033 m (13,232 ft) (to Athens)
3,179 m (10,430 ft) (to Patras)
No. of lanes2x2

The Panagopoula Tunnel (Greek: Σήραγγα Παναγοπούλας)[1] is a tunnel on the Corinth-Patras section of the Olympia Odos motorway. The name comes from the namesake area of Panagopoula. It consists of two separate sections, one which has a length of 4,018 m (Panagopoula 1)[2] used by vehicles travelling from Patras to Athens, and one which has a length of 3,182 m (Panagopoula 2) used by vehicles travelling from the opposite direction, from Athens to Patras. Works began in 2008 along with the whole motorway, but they were halted in 2011. They were again resumed in early 2014.

The 4 Km tunnel is the longest road tunnel of the whole motorway and the third longest in Greece[3] It was opened to traffic in late February 2017, a month earlier than the rest of the motorway.[4][5]