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Panait is a Romanian name derived from the Greek Panagiotis.[1][2] It is the equivalent of the Bulgarian name Panayot. Other forms include Panaiot, Panaiote, Panaiut, Panaet and Panaitache.[2]


  • Bogdan Panait (born 1983), Romanian football player
  • Cristian Panait, Romanian prosecutor for criminal investigation at the Supreme Court of Justice
  • Enache Panait (born 1949), Romanian former wrestler and Olympic competitor
  • Ion Panait (born 1981), amateur Romanian Greco-Roman wrestler

Given name[edit]

  • Panait Cerna (1881–1913), Romanian poet, philosopher, literary critic and translator
  • Panait S. Dumitru or Perpessicius (1891–1971), Romanian literary historian and critic, poet, essayist and fiction writer
  • Panait Istrati (1884–1935), Romanian writer of French and Romanian expression
  • Panait Mușoiu (1864–1944), Romanian anarchist and socialist activist, author of the first Romanian translation of The Communist Manifesto

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