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Pankaj Oswal is an Indian businessman Indian. He was the Chairman and Managing Director of Burrup Holdings Limited.[citation needed] BOY was a Perth-based company and one of the world's largest liquid ammonia production companies.[1] Oswal at one time had an estimated fortune of over A$2 billion, making him one of Australia's richest people.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Pankaj is the son of Aruna and Abhey (sometimes spelt Abhay) Kumar Oswal, grandson of Lala Vidya Sagar (Lala Ji) and Smt. Mohan Dai Oswal.[3] Pankaj grew up in India and studied at Manipal Institute of Technology. After graduating, he worked for several of his father's enterprises.[4] He is married to Radhika Oswal; the couple has two daughters.[5]


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