Panos G. Rontoyannis

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Panos G. Rontoyannis (June 20, 1911 in Lefkas - December 26, 1996 in Athens) was a philologist-historian of Lefkas.

Main works[edit]

  • History of the Island of Lefkas, Vol 1(1980),Vol 2(1982)
  • Education in Lefkas 1613-1950(1994)
  • The Lefkadian Population from the Remote Past to 1991(1994)
  • Seismologio of Lefkas 1469-1971(1994)
  • Founder of the Public Library and the Museum of Metabyzantine Ecclesiastic Art of Lefkas (1953-1965)
  • Founder of the Association for Lefkadian Studies (1949)