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Paola Krum was born Andrea Paola Krum on June 21, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an actress, singer, and dancer, and is one of the many young, multi-talented Argentine performers of the present day. She has studied theater, dance, and voice since she was 10. Her breakthrough came in the field of musical comedy. Work in television – in shows such as: Sólo Para Pareja, Inconquistable Corazón, Por siempre mujercitas, and El Arcángel – and the movies would follow.

Once she'd broken into TV, she then made the decision to change her acting-style, and began to submerge herself into the portrayal of more complex and complicated characters. In 1996, she starred in the theatrical production of Flores de Acero. Later, she played the protagonist in the weekly TV show, El Rafa, and in the telenovela, Alas, Poder Y Pasión. Her film debut came in 1999 in Río Escondido, directed by Mercedes García Guevara. That same year, she starred in the film La venganza. In addition, she was part of the cast of the play, Puck, Sueño de Una Noche de Veran. In 2000, she returned to musical comedy, playing Eliza Doolittle in Mi Bella Dama (My Fair Lady). She last appeared on-stage in Monólogos de La Vagina (The Vagina Monologues). Back on TV in 2001, she starred in the series Cuatro Amigas. In 2003, Paola traveled to Spain to film the made for TV movie, La Vida Aquí.

Her starring role as psychologist Dr. Laura Santini in the 2004 HBO mini-series Epitafios (shown in the United States in 2005) has made her acting skills well known in North America. In 2006 she appeared in Montecristo, which aired on Telefé.

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